Transporters adopted an appeal

Transporters adopted an appeal

Transporters adopted an appeal to the Russian Ministry to develop a new objective methodology for calculating losses from transportation in suburban , because 40 years ago developed technique does not meet the conditions of a market economy.

04.06.2001 18:58

«Cheboksary ceramics» received the Order of the church. May 30, 2001 , Metropolitan of Cheboksary and Chuvashia Barnabas solemnly handed the General Director of JSC «Cheboksary ceramics» Boris Yakushkin Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, III degree. Diploma awarding CEO was signed by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II. As told Boris Iakushkin , this award was given for charitable work » Cheboksarskaya ceramics » restoration , construction Cheboksary temples and shrines that have been conducted for over 10 years. According to the director of JSC , the third order, issued by the Diocese of Chuvash enterprises.

04.06.2001 19:18

Transporters adopted an appeal

Yuri Prisekin received a certificate of candidate for mayor . From today began the campaign of one of the main contenders for the seat of mayor of Samara. Yuri Prisekin received the certificate of the candidate . More than 150 thousand signatures was able to collect his proxies . In his acceptance speech, thanked all Yuri Prisekin Samarans trust. And he said that his election program will be significantly different from the others. At the end of today’s meeting of the veterans who gave their signatures in support of a candidate presented Prisekin book , with the symbolic name «Samara» , GTRK «Samara» .

04.06.2001 19:20

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