This was made possible thanks

This was made possible thanks

This was made possible thanks to the numerous appeals and claims managers and City firms on the contradiction existing Tax Code solving local MPs to introduce in the city additional 5% tax rate on profits of enterprises and organizations , said » Dimitrovgrad -panorama » .

05.06.2001 12:50

Dimitrovgrad earned paging line » City Without Drugs » .

Dimitrovgrad from June 1, city public organization » Narconon » with the support of the administration and the city police department in the city program to combat drug addiction introduces paging line » City Without Drugs » .

Henceforth, any resident of Dimitrovgrad , has information about where they sell drugs, where the shooting galleries and places of drug use, may make an announcement to the called party , «No Drugs » .

This was made possible thanks

Within a few seconds, the message will appear on pagers all department employees to combat drug trafficking city police department . Next — it’s up to the police. Organizers hope the program is not using paging campaign to destroy the drug trade , but we are confident that will drive it underground , and this has dramatically weaken his position .

Subscriber Line » No Drugs » open local firm » Option -Inform» , whose leadership took no nothing for her discovery, nor for its service, said » Dimitrovgrad -panorama » .

05.06.2001 13:01

Saratov region governor denies that it was consistent with the arrest of former Mayor Alexei Balakovo Saurina . At a press conference in the Saratov government June 4 Ayatskov said Saurin became a » victim of a large Moscow policy ,» and that his » misadventures guilty » federal policy Georgy Boos , Vyacheslav Volodin and Saratov Nicholas Semenets representing local «Fatherland .» Facts on the outcome of the municipal elections in the region , according to the governor ,

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