Russia’s first museum savings

Russia's first museum savings

Russia’s first museum savings business opened May 31 in Cheboksary. The event is dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the opening of the first savings bank in Chuvashia . As the editor of the Chuvash branch of Sberbank » Contribution » Jacob Fedorov, this unique facility is located in the building of the current branch Chuvash branch of Sberbank of Russia. Now clients of Sberbank can read the history of the banking movement in Chuvashia. The museum has two halls — historical and contemporary . The first collected archival documents , unique photographs , samples of securities coins. In modern exhibition hall will be banking achievements. At the opening ceremony of the museum daughter Chuvash composer Vasily Vorobyov donated a passbook father was discharged in 1923.

Russia's first museum savings

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OAO » Volga- Kama installation management » Gidromontazh » — 50 years. May 30 OAO » Volga- Kama installation management » Gidromontazh» 50 years old. Created in the construction of the Kama HPP management relocated first to build Votkinskaya , and in 1964 the construction of Cheboksary HPP. Chuvashia is a place of dislocation control . Since 1964 OAO » Volga- Kama installation management » Gidromontazh «then called mounting portion of the trust» Gidromontazh » started construction corps Cheboksary plant » Energozapchast » electric devices , JBK- 9 and » Chimprom . » In 1969 , construction began on Cheboksary HPP. With the construction of hydroelectric power station was installed 38,065 tons of structural steel , 132,000 tons of installed rebar and 165 tons of reinforced concrete structures. Since 1981, the Chuvash area specialists built the Kalinin nuclear power plant in Udomlya , Dnieper hydroelectric , erected in Astrakhan TPP-2 .

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