Ministry of Social Policy of

Ministry of Social Policy of

Ministry of Social Policy of the Czech Republic in this period will be organized on vacation free flights more than 600 children and teenagers from large families , single-parent families , families of the » social risk » and other categories of vulnerable families , children with disabilities . Do not forget the Ministry for Children and Adolescents, held under preventive supervision in the internal affairs of the republic.

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Ministry of Social Policy of

In May, the city budget received about 101 million rubles. According to the Department of Taxation , May budget Ulyanovsk received about 101 million rubles. At the same time arrears on payments to the municipal budget was June 1, 432 million rubles. Largest debtors remain with JSC » Aviastar » and » Aviastar-SP » , indebted treasury 124.7 million rubles , as well as utilities (over 80 million) , mechanical plant (16 million rubles), Machine-Building Plant named Volodarskogo ( 11.6 million rubles), UZTS ( 6.6 million) , » Avtodetalservis » ( 3.9 million) and radiolampovy plant ( 2.3 million).

05.06.2001 15:51

Issuance of the teachers are not selling began. Despite the fact that the school year can already be considered complete and teachers Ulyanovsk schools have already started to go into the holiday vacation in extradition has not yet begun. According to the press service of the City Hall, for this purpose from the federal budget to the authorities of Ulyanovsk has been allocated a loan of 19 million rubles, but due to the rather complicated procedure of passing the cost of loans through the Treasury money will be received by district boards of education until June 7. Holiday » second stage » , as planned , will be issued from 16 June .

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