After retiring voluntarily

After retiring voluntarily

After retiring voluntarily from his post former CEO Igor Temirova » Volzhanka » and » sweet» to this day scandals rocked . Such unexpected decision Temir declined to comment , generated a lot of versions than his » resignation .» One of them — at odds with the leadership of the association.

Therefore, the appointment of a new director » VOLZHANKA » man who has nothing to do with the production of confectionery , except that, as said Hubulava , Filipishin a child he loved candy and wanted to take part in their manufacture, may look like the introduction of the factory for their «sweet» humans. In addition, the company took place and other personnel changes : CFO » VOLZHANKA » took Rinat Zakirov .

After retiring voluntarily

Constantine himself Filipishin believes his appointment » very interesting , provocative project.» The Board of Directors choosing candidacy general , guided by the following criteria : the company needs an effective senior manager , manager, in a mission which does not need to change processes . The record of Filipishina — some projects , so that » Volzhanka » he said, according to its owners, most likely » pull ,» said » Simbirsk Courier» .

05.06.2001 12:30

Deputies of the regional legislative assembly called on Governor Vladimir Shamanov rescue from bankruptcy of » Ulyanovskcement .»

Save from a complete disaster of » Ulyanovskcement » , and together with him and Novoulyanovsk for which this company is the city main , called deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly of Governor Vladimir Shamanov .

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