Consumer basket has risen by

Consumer basket has risen by

Consumer basket has risen by 16.2 percent.

Consumer basket has risen by

According to the State Statistics Committee of Chuvashia , the end of May in Chuvashia cost of a set of 33 basic products was 778.12 rubles. Compared with the beginning of the year the price of the consumer basket increased by 16.2%. Has risen by 3.4% fish, meat , canned food, processed cheese , jam, sugar, apples . More than just a rose sunflower oil — by 11.5 % and vegetables — by 36.3 %.

It should be noted that the prices of goods and services in relation to December 2000. increased by 9.9% . Food prices rose by 12.1% and non-food goods and services — by 6.4 .

01.06.2001 18:06

Graduates of schools undecided subject to a unified state exam . Chuvashia is involved in the experiment for the Unified State Examination ( USE) . June 4 mock exam will be held in the form of the USE in Russian for 1774 eleventh Chuvashia. And renting «real» math exam will be held on June 8. Odinadtsatiklassniki republic made ​​by selection of a unified state exam . 549 graduates expressed pass the exam in physics. 518 graduates chose biology , chemistry — 331 , -344 geography , history — 132 , Social Studies — 53 people . June 14 schools completed Chuvashia conduct all examinations in this form. USE results in mathematics will be recognized by all state universities of the republic and 6 Cheboksary branch of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, the academic councils of universities defined specialty for which the entrance test will also be conducted in the form of the exam, and the results are counted as universities entrance .

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