This appeal was born after the

This appeal was born after the

This appeal was born after the letter of the trade union committee of despair » Ulyanovskcement .» The situation in Novoulyanovsk reached extremes. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy. This will inevitably lead to a halt of slate factory and the local plant JBI , paralyzing the housing and communal services of the city. Destitute factory workers remain and their families (about five thousand people ) , not to mention the fact that the area will lose a source of tax revenue.

SSC considers that rescue Ulyanovskcement must take drastic measures , and ready to assist in this enforcement authorities full assistance , said » Simbirsk Courier» .

05.06.2001 12:33

In the regional office of association » Apple» was elected the new chairman . New chairman elected in Ulyanovsk regional office of the association » Apple» . They became Anatoly Nechaev, one of the founders of the » Apple» in the Ulyanovsk region , said , » Narodnaya Gazeta » .

05.06.2001 12:35

This appeal was born after the

In the region received 18 tons of humanitarian aid from Sweden. 18 tons of humanitarian aid arrived in the area of Sweden. Different jackets, pants , sweaters , cardigans , T-shirts have been distributed to many children and needy families region. All this — the result of the work of the International Red Cross , said » Narodnaya Gazeta » .

05.06.2001 12:37

Data on summer vacation city school children . 22 health camps take children on vacation during the holidays . Price varies from tour 2200 rub . up to 4500 rubles. depending on the camp. Parents who work directly with the company — owner of the camp , pay 10% of the tour. The remaining 90 % is paid by the company itself and the social security fund . Today almost all tours in all the camps and all shifts snapped . Only summer camps planned vacation 13,000 children.

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