Among those who can get such

Among those who can get such

Among those who can get such orders , Nikolai Fyodorov called joint-stock companies » Cheboksary Electric Factory» and «Factory Built — measuring machines .» Their participation in the program will load the enterprise large orders .

04.06.2001 12:00

Nikolai Fyodorov was appointed head of the working group on conversion issues.

Among those who can get such

The State Commission on Chemical Disarmament meeting which was also held on May 31 , appointed President of Chuvashia Nikolai Fyodorov, head of the working group on conversion issues. Nikolai Fyodorov believes that his candidature for the head is not approved by accident. In 1998, he, along with the then CEO Novocheboksarsk » Chimprom » Victor Kisin traveled to the United States. The agency for the Ministry of Defense Threat Reduction America they were able to convince officials that Russia is difficult to raise the issue of the conversion of the chemical industry. The result of the negotiations was concluded Contract on direct financial assistance from the United States in Chuvashia. U.S. Department of Defense has allocated 1 million then 200 thousand dollars for the conversion of 71 department » Production — 3″ » Chimprom .» Today in this shop produce acetone- Anil and vitamin supplements for animal feed . Estimated budget conversion policy in Russia 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. If you will take into account the recommendations of Nikolai Fyodorov , the two department » Chimprom » will be converted. This former department » Production — 3″ for the production of chemical weapons 74 and N 83.

04.06.2001 12:54

Addressed to the President of Chuvashia came a letter from the commander of the Russian Interior Ministry mobile unit in Chechnya Colonel Skuzovatova .

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